Caring Heart Daycare

Caring Heart daycare is created with passion and love. We believe with Cambodia’s economic; a quality and affordable daycare is a must to have to help working parents by caring and nurturing their children while they are at work. We are not just a daycare, we stimulate kids and let them grow with love. I […]

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Kids Andorra International Preschool

Kids Andorra International Preschool is a bilingual school born convinced of the importance of the 0-6 year stage for the correct development of the person. An active school where the child observes, creates, experiences and is the protagonist of their own learning. A school where developing artistic sensitivity and creativity in children is a priority.

Phone […]

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Bambinos Preschool

At Little Bambinos we understand that raising a child in today’s busy world is no easy task. We can help by supporting your child’s learning and well-being during these important early years.
Research shows that children learn most successfully when families and educators work together. So, we want to get to know you and your family, […]

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Crayon International Preschool

Outside fun includes playground activities. Smartboards, computers, Lego-construction blocks and iPads enhance our children’s learning and equip them with the IT skills needed for the global village.
Our full day program provides breakfast, lunch, two snacks, dinner, a quiet period, along with enrichment activities in the afternoon, such as master cooking, science experiments, art projects, yoga […]

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Royal Baby – Early Child Development Nursery

Royal Baby nursery has a distinct new scope that sets it apart, in terms of clarity of vision and accuracy of goals.

“Royal Baby Nursery” looks at the process of caring, educating the child
and developing the capabilities of infants and toddlers in a broader
and comprehensive perspective, in which originality and values are
aligned and merged with the […]

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Nostalgia International Kindergarten and Primary School

Nostalgia Primary School encourages a learning environment that fosters beneficial skills and
knowledge that elevate children’s future potentials. The school staff and teachers work together to
realize the set values that reassures the success of our students. The most prized values are learning for
the sake of learning, respecting one another, and the students’ continuous individual and social […]

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Red Apple Education Services is a Preschool/ Lower School Education Provider located in KampalaUganda.
Red Apple boasts of a safe and conducive learning environment for children.
Redapple Education Services employs qualified and committed teachers and caregivers to give clients a
Memorable experience and life-long love for learning. The school implements the International Preschool Curriculum.

Address: P.O. BOX 22660, KAMPALA, […]

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Paramount International Preschool

Paramount International Preschool is the first IPC preschool in Uzbekistan. Our motto is to nurture foundations and growth of children from age 12 months to 6.5 years who will come to study with us. Our program is developed incorporating play, objective and inquiry-based learning. It is integrated with language, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and aesthetic […]

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Great Children’s Learning Hub…
Where great learning begins….

Playgroup Department:
Developing the child’s multiple intelligence with balance learning program wherein academic excellence and virtues are develop…..

Music Department:
Our Talent, our music is our success

Address : B1 One Pavilion Mall, R.
Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu […]

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Educational Hawks International Schools

Committed to establishing a safe, positive environment of learning. At Educational Hawks International School, we welcome children from the age of 1 year into Day care and 2.5 Years into our preschool. Educational Hawks International School is a private School with an ‘Outstanding’ Pre-School, where we understand that every child is unique. We offer a […]

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