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    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Established

    1 May, 2015

Apple Tree International Preschool

Welcome and thank you for your interest in AppleTree International Pre-school! We are South India’s first International Pre School Curriculum oriented pre-school with a goal to provide world class pre-school education to your children. The IPC curriculum is currently adopted in 6 continents and focuses on the holistic development of a child.

WHY AppleTree
We don’t expect children to sit quietly for long periods of time.Children have an opportunity to play outside every day. Outdoor play is always above any instructional time!

We don’t believe in making the child play the same again and again. Children have access to various activities throughout the day such as assorted building blocks and other construction materials, props for pretend play, picture books, paints and other art materials, and table toys such as matching games, pegboards, and puzzles.
You can see first-hand how your kids settle and enjoy themselves on CCTV cameras and parents viewing areas.
We make sure that both children and kids look forward to school.Parents feel secure about sending their child to the program. Children are happy to attend; they do not cry regularly or complain of feeling sick.
Our classroom décor is based on children’s original artwork, their own writing with invented spelling, and stories dictated by children to teaching facilitators
We prefer the word facilitator to teacher. Most of our activities are designed with a level of teacher facilitation as opposed to teacher instruction. This form of learning promotes team work, inquiry based learning and free play.
We encourage all parents to promote learning at home right from the infant stage with our Infant Toddler Curriculum. As the majority of learning takes place at home, parents are encouraged to download our Activities@Home.
We adapt our teaching for those who are ahead as well as need additional help. Our facilitators recognize that children’s different background and experiences mean that they do not learn the same things at the same time in the same way.

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