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  • IPC Status

  • Hours of Operation

    9:00 A.M. till 3:30 P.M.
  • Ages

    6 months + to 5 years+

  • Programs

    Summer camps, Winter camps, Dance classes, Spiritual classes, Communication programs, Social skills and Life skills program, Art and Craft, Drama, and others...

  • Amenities

    Open play area, Library cum IT area, Healthy and Hygienic kitchen facilities, 3 time meal facilities, Good transportation facilities, and many others..

    Additional Accreditions: Program approved by local authority

MI Preschool and Day Care – Srilanka

1. To provide holistic development programmes and nurture the preschool environment with immense love and care.
2. To offer appropriate children programmers to emphasize on Srilankan culture/ values and global culture/ values.
3. To enhance spiritual development programmes for sound mental health of the children.
4. To promote child centered learning where the learning process proves to be active and also gets the children’s engaged in both critical and creative thinking.
5. To promote learning by doing in real practice.
6. To provide a healthy and hygienic mental and physical environment for a more healthy and happy child.
7. To foster children as a self-confident individuals by laying off their fears by promoting a stress free environment.
8. To educate the children about the core importance of life skills, an important skill to lead an independent life.
9. To educate about the social skills with regards to providing due respect to people part of the society and to teach them to deal with people at emotional level understanding their feelings and emotions.
10. To teach children to become a better half of the society by enhancing a cultured disciplined behavior.

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