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  • IPC Status

  • Hours of Operation

    4 Hours.
  • Ages

    18 Months to 4.6 Years

  • Amenities

    Children’s Library.

    Music in the tree house.

    Yoga for intuitive development.
    Splash pool.
    Skating rink.
    Traffic training park.

    Role-play learning.

    Safe & caring environment.

    Safe & toxic free toys.

    Eco-safe stationery.
    Speech and drama classes.

    Trained care-takers.

    Birds-Paradise view from each classroom.

    Low student-teacher ratio.

  • Established

    14 April, 2016

Oakwood International

Early age is fundamental for a child’s growth.
During the tender age of 0-5, children grow and experience life, initially through interactions with their family and close relatives and later with peers and the world, their brain begins to wire up. It is the only age where, if the environment is nurturing, the brain grows to its fullest potential.

Oakwood international is dedicated to help children bloom n blossom to their fullest potential in their initial years.
We ensure that the child’s growth is taken care of at this formative age with love, care & intelligence, so that we build brighter futures of tomorrow, with the most child-friendly & internationally designed curriculum which makes your child more active and smart.
Our easy to grasp methods of learning combined with the added sweetness of various specially designed outdoor as well as indoor activities make your child grow to their fullest potential & bloom in all the possible arenas for successful academic years ahead.
Oakwood International has a world class outdoor activity area which aims at providing your child a 360 degree exposure to essential fitness for a healthy body and growth with the various activities like skating, swimming, bi-cycle riding and so much more.
We encourage parental participation at every stage of child’s development, hence making it an enjoyable & positive learning experience.


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