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    7 am - 7 pm
  • Established

    1 January, 2014

The Mayfair School

The Mayfair School embraces the 21st Century skills that are linked with the IPC Curriculum and are considered as fundamental to the developmentally appropriate content and outcomes for preschool children. The IPC Curriculum was developed around 6 Learning Areas  Language Arts, Numeracy, Socio-Emotional, Science, Creative Arts, Motor Skills, also pushing an emphasis on Technology in the classroom.

The Mayfair School believes in the 6 Cs:

Collaboration: learning to work and play together in cooperative groups, make friends, share, and respect others.
Critical Thinking: intellectual achievement in literacy, numeracy, science, technology, engineering, global awareness using reason, logic and reflective understanding.
Creativity: ability to innovate, be curious and original, explore, use imagination and appreciate the arts (visual, dance, music, theatre).
Care: self-awareness and self-regulation in order to build lasting relationships with others; self discipline.
Co-ordination: the ability to use small and large muscles and motor skills to safely use locomotion, non locomotion and manipulation skills as well as fine motor skills to write.
Communication: expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas orally, visually, and in written forms.



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