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  • IPC Status

  • Hours of Operation

    8 hours
  • Ages

    3-15 years

  • Amenities

    - Impact Intelligent Mental Arithmetic from Abacus Olympic
    Organization- India
    - Impact Creative Thinking Program
    - Genius Mental Arithmetic
    - Impact for English Language
    - Impact Vedic.

  • Established

    1 September, 2000

Rowad CO – Al Zahra private school

Rowad Creativity Company for Educational Services comprises a number of
sub Educational centers, school and Kindergartens recognized as an
educational institutions with the aim of creating an organized and
integrated environment targeting children aged from 3 up to 15 years
through well thought and developed advanced stressing on empowering
creative thinking and Personal traits designed by professional advisory
committees of professors and educational experts.

International franchises from various organizations have been obtained such
as Intelligent mental arithmetic, Genius Mental Arithmetic , Vedic and
creative thinking in addition to English language enhancement programs
including IPC Program…

Phone Number(s): 08-2632333, 08-2880200
Mobile No: +972599417459
What up: +972598576363

Full Address: Palestine – Gaza strip – Al Zahra city

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com//alzahraexamplaryschool

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRka-hVXP6n_TnDllFQIcPQ


Additional Accreditations :
All our international programs are accreted from their mother companies
and from our authority here in Palestine .

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