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  • IPC Status

  • Hours of Operation

    6 Hours
  • Ages

    0 Months to 6 Years

  • Amenities

    ✰ Breast feeding area.
    ✰ Playing area.
    ✰ Outside Playing area.
    ✰ Multiple-intelligence Curriculum.

  • Established

    1 September, 2019

Royal Baby – Early Child Development Nursery

Royal Baby nursery has a distinct new scope that sets it apart, in terms of clarity of vision and accuracy of goals.

“Royal Baby Nursery” looks at the process of caring, educating the child
and developing the capabilities of infants and toddlers in a broader
and comprehensive perspective, in which originality and values are
aligned and merged with the global progress and openness to give a
new integrated vision of care and development also, provide the ideal
environment, so that the child can learn with joy.

Phone Number : +965-56621916 / +965-55815544 / +965-65955999

Address : Kuwait, Kuwait City, Khalidya, Block 2, St. 22, House #4


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